Rambling Vans Covid 19 Cleaning Policy



We will be thoroughly cleaning the inside of our campervans and the main cab to ensure we reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.


We will clean first and then disinfect after.  Using soap and water to remove dirt, and germs. Once the surface is clean, we will wear gloves

and spray everything with a disinfectant. Let it stand for a few minutes, then wipe. Special attention will be given to frequent touch points such as door handles steering wheels, seatbelts, switches and buttons.


Hands will be thoroughly washed before and between each clean and we will avoid touching our faces whilst cleaning.


Car seats and soft furnishings within the campers will have any visible dirt or grime removed, then wipe cleaned with disinfectant spray. Where possible covers will be removed and machine-washed

Within the kitchenette areas all kitchen wear that is dishwasher safe will be ran through the dishwasher at the highest temperature. All other items will be wipe cleaned and disinfected

Customers are advised to bring their own bedding, where this is not possible bedding packages and towels will be washed at 90 degrees. 


Safely remove any cleaning gear. When cleaning is done, we will immediately remove any protective outerwear, gloves, or masks. These will then be disposed of or washed accordingly. 


Gloves will be worn when handing the campervan over and showing a customer how to use various equipment within the camper.

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